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DELICIOUS vegan BISTRO open Mo-Su 11.30 – 21.00 reine & gesunde Nahrung in bester Lage in Wien, direkt beim Naschmarkt und im besten Teil davon!
bio, vegan, Rohkost, Superfoods, Smoothies, glutenfrei, clean Food, Catering, Take away


Pure, creativ, healthy & clean Food, in the best neighborhood of vienna, direct by Naschmarkt! Organic, vegan, raw vegan Food, Superfoods, Smoothies, No sugar, gluten-free, clean Food. The Delicious is placed in the hippstest location in Vienna & in the best part of it. It charms its guests with its exclusive, creative & highly healthy delicacy on modern vegan dishes. open Mo-Su 11.30 – 21.00
organic, vegan, raw, Superfoods, Smoothies, glutenfree, clean Food, Catering, Take away

Kontakt Tel.: +43 (0) 677 617 033 72 1060 Wien, linke Wienzele 22 GL 3 Email: office@delicious.or.at Web: www.delicious.or.at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Delicious-vegan-Bistro-1636588883229823/
Instagram: delicious_vegan_bistro Das Delicious freut sich auf eine Reservierung oder Anfrage für Catering 
Please keep in contact for Reservations or Catering